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We are looking for
stores to handle
our glasses!

KYKEY is looking for a partner
We would be very happy if you could sell them or use them for tasting at bars,
restaurants and liquor stores. Please feel free to contact us.


Many people have been
already shared via SNS

The cost price of glass is high, and the margin of the stores could be low, sorry.
However, we think it’s very important to prepare the place where everyone can actually touch it and experience.
We would like you to communicate how handmade glass is amazing, and make customers enjoy changing mouthfeel depending on the shape. Thank you for your support.


We’d like to post the name of stores that handle glasses on the KYKEY official website if you need.
We are actively publicizing on SNS and online media. we hope that can contribute to the development of new customers and sales increase for your stores.


To those who wish to handle
They can also be shipped overseas.
For overseas shipping, please pay with PayPal.
We will arrange by Express Mail Service “EMS”.

Shipping charges vary depending on the weight of your luggage and the delivery area, so please inquire us first.
You can order from 2 pieces.
Please use the form below to tell us how many you plan to purchase.

Special discount price list will be sent only for orders of 6 or more pieces.
( "No box, miniature book, pamphlet required", "we need only 2 miniature books" ,then we offer great flexibility.)
Free email addresses such as hotmail may not be received. In that case, please contact us via Instagram DM.

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Pieces you need
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Customer's personal information will be used only for the purpose of replying to inquiries, and we will manage it appropriately. Unless required by law, we will not disclose or provide it to a third party without the consent of the customer.