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Make whisky a part of
your day-to-day life.


Make whisky a
part of your life.

KYKEY is a brand for whiskey.
We'll create functional items, product which fits into your life and comfortable tools.
Origin of Our Brand Name


Aroma Glass -Still-

This is a dedicated masterpiece for all whisky enthusiasts,
positioned as the complete opposite of the first release.
It is an unconventional pot still-shaped nosing
glass designed to capture and highlight the "character"
hidden deep within the whiskey,
while preserving a wide range of aromas within the bowl.
Details of Products

Aroma Glass -Basic-

At first, we introduce an almighty light weight nosing glass
with unprecedented shape.
It maximizes the potential of whiskey, whether in sherry,
bourbon or new barrels even with or without peat.
Details of Products


SHOT GLASS SERIES is an item developed to change the character of the shot glass, which has been established image by “binging".
Shot glass suppresses the strong alcohol odor and makes it feel pure. It is the best glass to cover its defects.
And above all, the unique design crafted together with one of Japanese leading glass workshops makes a special cup far more outstanding.
Details of Products

Aroma Glass

Limited custom edition of the AROMA GLASS SERIES.
The stem and plate, carved from solid wood, stimulate the user's senses.
The breath of the forest and the silence create a beautiful harmony with the glass.
This is a rare one-of-a-kind product that combines the beauty of form and function.
Details of Products


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