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Make you “WOW”

The glass brings out a new side of whisky.
Enjoy the aroma and taste that you haven't noticed before.
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You will, You must gain more passion for whisky
Special booklet 'Tips for relish Whisky Neat’ will be included with a grass.
It must be a perfect one with a nice illustration printed by letterpress.
We'll deliver in an original box including a tri-fold pamphlet and limited drawstring purse with a hand-pressed stamp.
Once you hand it, you’ll feel its lightness.
Once you drink whisky, you’ll know its sophistication.
Easy to wash. You use more, then it fits more on your hands.
It will be your best partner.
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Partner manufacture
Kimura Glass Crafts
Founded in 1910.
A long-established store that plans, manufactures and sells glass tableware such as wine glasses and cocktail glasses for over 100 years.
Their products have been adopted by many restaurants and accommodations, and are highly favored as professional glassware manufacturers.
They pursue functional beauty and modeling beauty, and continue to create the future of glass.

These are pictures of KYKEY production factory. Please note that the product cannot be purchased by the manufacturer.
Aroma Glass -Basic-

This is just an almighty light weight nosing glass with unprecedented shape.
It maximizes the potential of whiskey, whether in sherry, bourbon or new barrels even with or without peat. We studied thousands of glasses and pick up benefits of them. After many times trial to make it comfortable to use, we finally develop this shape. More and more you use, more and more you feel comfortable. Japan made handcraft glass which we recommend you with full of confidence.

Size of product

Height: Approximately 131mm
Width: Approximately 72mm
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturing method: Handmade


"AROMA GLASS BASIC" are all handmade products. Although each glass has a standard value, individual differences will inevitably occur.
In the manufacturing process, there are inevitably various slight differences such as differences in thickness, differences in weight, distortion and fluctuations. In addition, when the glass raw material is melted, bubbles and streaky veins always occur, and it is impossible to completely remove them. We are making various efforts to eliminate or reduce these problems with the aim of making better glasses, but some of them are judged to be unavoidable due to the manufacturing method and equipment. Thank you for your understanding.
We hope that you will feel the charm of handmade by picking up the glasses that the craftsmen have made one by one.

For customers who purchase more than 6 products
(Honor of restaurants, etc.)

If you are thinking of using in a restaurant or bar, please contact us from here.
We will follow your request such as “I need to purchase certain amount but do not need boxes or brochure that much.”
Depending on the amount and delivery location, we can offer better price.

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