The Beginning of Adventure

It's ultra-avant-garde. Yet, it stands alone, unique in its form.
The journey of whiskey that begins with a glass draws a new map of flavors.
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Positioned as the polar opposite of the first edition,
It's a dedicated creation for whisky enthusiasts.
Drink without hesitation.
You're sure to feel it when you do.
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Partner manufacture
Kimura Glass Crafts
Just like the first edition, we have released over 50 of 3D models. It took over two years of madness to develop.
We take pride in being the only one in Japan to output such a variety of glass samples for a single glass. You can see the meticulous adjustments down to the millimeter here.

It may have a peculiar shape, but we have a great deal of confidence in it.

It has become the "must-have glass for whisky enthusiasts."

By the way, it's slightly more affordable than the BASIC.
Give it a try first.
Aroma Glass -Still-

This is a nosing glass specialized in capturing a wide range of aromas within the bowl and uncovering the "personality" hidden deep within the whisky. You can explore the diverse flavors inherent in individual brands for an extended period.

You can enjoy not only current products but also bottles that have passed their peak, long-aged ones, and whiskies with subtle fragrances to the fullest.

Following the first edition, we have crafted this glass in collaboration with the world-renowned glass manufacturer "Kimura Glass Store," producing exquisite handmade glasses domestically.

This is an uncompromising glass that will stimulate your spirit of exploration.

Size of product

Height: Approximately 147mm
Width: Approximately 79mm
Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturing method: Handmade


"AROMA GLASS STILL" is entirely handmade. Each glass is a handcrafted product.

While we have established specifications for each glass, there may inevitably be individual differences.

Differences in thickness, weight, and irregularities in shape can occur during the manufacturing process, resulting in various subtle variations. Additionally, during the melting of glass raw materials, bubbles and streaks are bound to occur, and it is impossible to completely eliminate these, unfortunately.

We are committed to producing better glasses and have undertaken various efforts to address and reduce these differences. However, due to manufacturing methods and facilities, some variations may be unavoidable. We kindly ask for your understanding.

We hope you can appreciate the charm of handmade by holding a glass meticulously crafted by artisans.

It's worth noting that STILL tends to have a slightly cloudy nature in its structure. While this poses no issues in use, if you have concerns, please wash it. If it is difficult to remove stains even after washing, soaking it overnight in a mixture of water and vinegar (or citric acid) at a ratio of 3:1 should make it easier to clean.

For customers who purchase more than 6 products
(Honor of restaurants, etc.)

For customers considering the use of our glasses in restaurants, bars, and similar establishments, please contact us here.

We can accommodate requests such as "I want to purchase multiple glasses but don't need boxes."

Depending on the quantity and delivery location, we may offer them at a lower price than the standard retail price.

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